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Female Photographers Are Changing

Their Presence in the Industry

We spoke with photographers Jen Rozenbaum, Sarah Maple and Natalie Keyssar about living and working as women in photography. While all of them operate in different facets of the medium, they agree that throughout history, discrimination has existed for women in the industry, and, at times, still does in their lives today. Here’s how they’re fighting to change that.  (ResourceMagOnline)


3 Tips to Marketing Your Photography Brand

on Instagram

In just a few short years, Instagram has become the number one social media marketing tool for photographers. Whilst the platform is well established, content is king. We sat down with Instagram marketing expert and CEO of Socially Rich, Ramon Berrios, to get the lowdown on how to establish your photography brand to monetize your impressions. (fstoppers)


Artist Uses Age-Old Technique to Create Photomontages of Surreal Indoor Landscapes

The surreal and unsettling landscapes of British artist Suzanne Moxhay are views into apocalyptic worlds made through photomontage. By mixing her own photography with archival images, she carefully crafts haunting tableaus. To achieve the end result Moxhay uses an early 20th-century technique called matte printing. (mymodernmet)


The State of Post-Processing

and Photo Editing in 2017

The post processing world has been undergoing some pretty big changes lately. There are so many apps out there that do so many different things, yet so many things that are similar. It gets really confusing. I hear it and read it from people every day. And if there’s one thing that gets me, it’s confusion. (mattk)