Shadow & Light Magazine, Issue 17, May/June 2017

Shadow & Light MagazineI would like to introduce you to Shadow & Light Magazine, a PDF-based bi-monthly publication covering all aspects of the art of photography.

This issue, May/June 2017, features Marie Maher and her evocative, surreal black-and-white imagery that comes with a message.

Additional portfolios are by LuAnn Ostergaard, Rosanne Olson, Ivy Bigbee, Dale Niles, and Robb Johnson.

With articles by Alain Briot (Artful Inquiry), Beate Chelette (ArtSmarts), and E.E. McCollum (Mindful Matters(, this is definitely an issue you’ll want to purchase.

We began Shadow & Light Magazine with only 78 pages, and that page count has now increased and settled in at 100 pages full of compelling writing and wonderful portfolios.

Table of Contents: May/June 2017
• Featured Photographer: Marie Maher (cover)
• Showcase Portfolio: Dale Niles
• Showcase Portfolio: LuAnn Ostergaard
• Showcase Portfolio: Robb Johnson
• Showcase Portfolio: Rosanne Olson
• Showcase Portfolio: Ivy Bigbee
• Déjà Vu: Niki Boon Revisited
• Artful Inquiry: Alain Briot, Abstraction
• ArtSmarts: Beate Chelette, 5 Star Success Blueprint
• Mindful Matters: How to Make a Photograph
• Endpaper: Tim Anderson, Conversations with Sand #2898

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